8 Interview Tips

8 Interview Tips

20 Mar 14:00 by Ian Tunnicliff


8 Interview Tips

  1. Dress To Impress - According to our research, 75% of hiring managers believe the top interview mistake is wearing inappropriate attire.

  2. Arrive Early - Get to an interview early, with plenty of time to spare, to show that it’s important to you and your punctual and reliable. Plus, you’ll have extra time to use the toilets or to up your appearance.

  3. Bring Extra Copies Of Your Resume - In the new digital world, people sometimes forget the importance of the old-fashioned paper resume. Youmay meet with more interviewers than expected, so having extra copies on hand shows that you’re prepared for anything.

  4. Do Your Homework - Three in five hiring managers say people make the mistake of not preparing enough for the interview? Do internet research on the company, position and interviewer; read as many recent articles as you can find about the industry; and use your LinkedIn connections to talk directly to someone already working there about the culture and environment.

  5. Hold Your Head Level And Plant Your Feet - Kate White, author of career guide "I Shouldn’t t Be Telling You This", says your interview body language has as much of an impact as your words. If you put your feet on the ground and hold your head level, you’ll appear grounded, confident and in control.

  6. Ask The Right Questions - If you don t ask smart questions in an interview, you come off as uninterested or unprepared. Some good stock questions are: How would you describe the ideal candidate? How does this position fit into the company s long-term plans? What can I do for you as a follow-up?

  7. Lighten Up - Let some of your personality and excitement show through. By smiling and leaning slightly forward, you demonstrate that you re truly interested in the job. Otherwise, you risk coming off as indifferent. 

  8. Clean Up Your Social Media Sites - It’s standard procedure for hiring managers to check out your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, so police them carefully. Most (70%) hiring managers believe people make the mistake of posting potentially compromising content, including inappropriate photos, profanity and too-personal information.

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