Uncertain Times

Uncertain Times

20 Mar 12:00 by Ian Tunnicliff


The UK economy is experiencing uncertain times as we are all aware with certain sectors seeing significant headcount reductions. The Digital & Technology sectors are completely bucking this trend with 80% of organisations either actively recruiting or passively seeing candidates.
From a candidate perspective, IT applicants seeking new permanent roles is  at an all time low. Colossus have seen a 50% reduction in quality Developers, Testers and Business Analysts applying for new roles . When we surveyed applicants who then found roles, the majority of candidates have over 10 interviews with, as many as 25 interviews requested. The also have on average 6 job offers to choose from.
What does this mean for you?

  • Roles will take significantly longer to fill 
  • Your current employees will be persuded by your competitors 
  • Salaries have increased 

What are other companies doing?
We have seen a double digit increase in the amounts of temporary/contract and interim requirements from our clients. This is sometimes plugging skills gaps and ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget. Due to the economic uncertainty it is also giving our customers the flexibility that they can increase or decrease team sizes to meet business needs 
How we can help you?

Our purpose since inception has been to provide a unique service to our clients and candidates by offering

“Proactive Talent Pooling in Software Engineering ensuring survival or competitive edge”.

“Access to 75% of the local candidate population that are passive, unique exclusive”.

This means we are able to provide:

  •  Local contract and temp talent who are available at short notice.
  • All applicants are fully referenced checked and would be able to work on
  • 1 week notice contract should your demand levels decrease.
  • Most of the contractors we have would also consider permanent roles and a number of our customers have filled their hard to fill roles this way.

I would be very keen to discuss this with you further, or to meet with you to walk you through the customer base that are currently benefiting from this service that we are providing.
Ian Tunnicliff


ian.tunnicliff@colossusassociates.com 0121 651 1062