How can quantum computer technology change computing?

How can quantum computer technology change computing?

30 Oct 12:00 by Paulius Grimalis


"It is estimated that within the next decade, quantum computing will be at a point where it can threaten cryptographic algorithms that are currently commonplace, such as RSA 2048 and ECC 256.


"It has been said that a single 100 qubit quantum computer could be more powerful than all of the classical supercomputers combined. This would [only] be true for specific applications, such as artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and other tasks where classical computers are slow."


Dr Kevin Curran, a senior member at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), believes that quantum technologies will lead to faster and more accurate computation in many aspects of computing. "For instance, in finance, they could consider millions of individual investment scenarios and calculate which have the best chance of long term success," he suggests.


This is quite fascinating to think that such powerful computers could allow for such technologies as AI to grow and develop significantly faster.

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