Eight Benefits of Online Learning

Eight Benefits of Online Learning

28 Oct 14:00 by Daniel Knott


You could argue this year has been 'the' year to work on your own personal develpment with lockdowns and the potential need for reinvention and job searching. Personally I've worked on quite a few new and interesting projects but probably not quite as many as I had originally planned. I still can't speak Spanish or cook very well!! Maybe next year. 

The traditional approach to learning new skills has been to enrol on a course and go to night school or head back to College and University but this year it's all been tipped on its head and online learning has become less scary and much more credible. I developed my photography skills with an excellent online provider and enjoyed the flexibility of picking it up in my spare time. 

But that is only one of the benefits, with others including a much wider choice of courses, affordability and even the availability of free courses. 

We work hard at Colossus Associates to assess all of our candidates skills and match them with the roles that suit them best and take interest in what drives them as individuals. We may even point them to online courses for further development and encourage them to take up new skills as every string to their bow increases their chances of employment. 

You can read more on the benefits of online learning here with TCHC Group.