10 Tips To Help You Work From Home Successfully During Lockdown

10 Tips To Help You Work From Home Successfully During Lockdown

04 Nov 13:00 by Dan Knott


I know we all hoped this day wouldn't come but on the eve of a second lockdown we have to dust off our home offices again and get psyched up for four weeks of remote working. 


I like to keep to a steady routine and make sure I get ready for work as usual, preferring to get into the mindset for work and keep focussed (with a large coffee) but we know everyone is different and unfortunately there isn't guidebook to working during lockdown. Psychologists have thought long and hard about this topic though and thankfully they have shared their top tips which you can discover here.


During lockdown Colossus Associates will be doing all we can to support you on your job search or managing your vacancies so your business gets the very best candidates. No doubt we will be employing a range of lockdown workplace strategies to ensure we are as productive as always. Don't worry though, we will be operating as normal and you can reach out to us at any time so please stay in touch. 


We are here to support you and support your business and we won't let a lockdown hold us back.