Gaming Sector Booming Despite Covid-19

Gaming Sector Booming Despite Covid-19

18 Nov 15:00 by Daniel Knott


In every crisis there are winners and losers and whilst many are pulling out all the stops to stay afloat, the gaming industry in the UK is booming. Gaming currently employs 47,000 people nationwide and demand for skilled workers in ever increasing. A recent report 'Gaming: Perfect Play for Growth' has shown vacancies in the sector increasing by 20%, shored up by growth in Esports and physical game sales. 

Tom Chambers, senior manager of technology at Robert Walters, said: “With the average contribution per employee of the gaming sector sitting at £80k – double the national average and the most productive of all the creative industries in the nation – there is no industry quite like gaming that is able to evidence its high potential in helping to uphold the UK economy as we navigate out of the pandemic.”

This is an exciting industry to be part of and Colossus is working closely with companies in the gaming sector looking for the brightest talent. If you have the right skills for the gaming industry and need help on your job search get in touch and our specialist team of IT recruitment consultants can help you to take your job search to the next level!! 

While I head off to find my copy of Call of Duty, you can read the full article here in the Recruiter 

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash