Mastering The Virtual Interview

Mastering The Virtual Interview

11 Nov 14:00 by Dan Knott


This week we've been working hard to perfect our virtual interview techniques to maximse the time we have with our candidates and ensure our standards remain as high as when meeting face to face. Conducting a virtual interview throws up a unique set of issues you need to be aware of and address, such as being aware of your body language and giving off the same cues you would in person. 

It can be challenging but preparation of your equipment (computer, headset etc), planning what you are going to discuss and setting up a professional scene all help to create a positive experience for your candidates. 

The same considerations can apply to the candidate too and it's vital as more and more interviews move virtual to brush up on your interview techniques and be prepared for an increasingly popular interview format. You might only get one opportunity to sell yourself for that dream job so read on for some top tips to mastering the virtual interview. 

Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash