How to Reintroduce Virtually-Employed Hires Into the Office

How to Reintroduce Virtually-Employed Hires Into the Office

02 Dec 10:00 by Dan Knott


Well, the second lockdown is over but the tier systems are now back up and running and this may still mean you're working from home and still feel quite isolated from your colleagues despite the boom in Zoom. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic not everyone has cut staffing levels, with many companies continuing to grow and hire throughout, but with restrictions in place most new hires may not have even stepped foot into the office yet or met thier colleagues face to face (myself included). When that return to the office begins, it's important you have a strategy in place to reintroduce these new hires into the workplace. 

I know I'm looking forward to a good chat and catch up with the team and it will be important to review what we have achieved together during lockdown and plan the way forward to make 2021 the year of recovery. I may even try to drag them out for a socially distanced drink! It's vitally important to ensure your virtual hires adjust quickly and feel fully part of the team.

The Recruiting Times have an excellent article here, where they look at various strategies to achive this, It's well worth a read. I hope you have a safe and productive return to the office when you are able to. 

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash