The Changing Face of Recruitment

The Changing Face of Recruitment

20 Jan 15:00 by Daniel Knott


I’ve worked in the Recruitment industry on and off for 15 years and look back with a smile to those heady days when I used to hit the phone calling as many cold clients as possible enthusiastically trying to strike up a rapport and convert them to giving me a shot and taking on my equally enthusiastic temps. 


I’ve always strived to rise above the pack by being attentive, following through on my promises and not compromising on my standards and that ethos has also helped me set-up another successful business outside of the recruitment sector. 


When the opportunity came up to work for Colossus Associates, I knew it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on. I knew the team were of a similar mindset to me and work to the same standards and values as I do. What was pleasantly surprising to see was the changes that have come about to the industry in the 5-year hiatus I had running my own company overseas. 


When I think back to 2005, we were in the early days of digital. I had only had a mobile phone for a year or two, chip and pin was a revelation and Tony Blair was the Prime Minister. We would compile clients into lists on a spreadsheet or input onto a simple database, note any contact details we could search out and get on the phone. 


Today I am swimming in detail with unfettered access to past relationships, billing statistics, placement information and a wide range of services to offer beyond a phone call. Colossus Associates have thousands of highly skilled candidates at their fingertips nationally and internationally and can reach out via zoom from any location. It’s crazy to think Zoom has been around less than a decade and really only entered the lives of most of us a couple of years ago. 


Client relationships are also changing and becoming much more collaborative. We offer much more than a candidate and a finder’s fee today. At Colossus Associates we spend time consulting with our contacts providing sector specific advice, internal business support, a range of interview and selection services and access to a skills database we could have only dreamed of 15 years ago. 


Technology has without a doubt been the great disruptor and brought about many of these changes. Candidates now have instantaneous access to the jobs market and don’t need to rely on a single recruiter to get where they want, which has made branding and company image vital to ensure you can attract the right skills for your business. I certainly wouldn’t have been paid to write a weekly blog years ago but find it a really useful tool for reflection, whilst giving you a small insight into what we are talking about and working on. 


The constant drive for better tech has helped recruiters like Colossus Associates as we work hard to find and place the best candidates for a constantly growing IT Sector in the UK. Many employers in the IT sector site skills shortages as the biggest challenge to their growth, making effective recruitment all the more important. 


It has been a welcome return to the recruitment industry, and I am heartened to see many of the rough edges smoothed off, leaving behind a professional industry with talented and motivated people. Colossus Associates epitomises these changes and is set to succeed in 2021. Our team is aware of the many layers to the recruitment industry, they are talented IT sector specialists and are committed to an all-round service our clients can rely on through the good times and bad. 


If you’re a candidate looking for a new opportunity in the IT sector or an employer wondering where to go to secure a recruitment partner you can rely on, you should look no further than Colossus Associates. 


Photo by Razvan Chisu on Unsplash