The Impact of Covid-19 on Talent Acquisition

The Impact of Covid-19 on Talent Acquisition

14 Jan 14:00 by Daniel Knott


I'm going to let you in to a little secret.........I'm not currently based in the UK but have been working successfully for Colossus Associates since October remotely. The pandemic has banished many of us to our front rooms so that might not seem that unusual right now but if you can think back 12 months, I doubt many would have thought you could work remotely and secure a well paid, professional role and be just as productive.


The reason I bring this up is because we have noticed some interesting new trends in the recruitment environment that are likely to bring long lasting and possibly permanent changes to our industry. 


I remember when growing up, we were always told there was a North/South divide and if you wanted to the best paying jobs you would need to scramble down to London as fast as possible and fight tooth and nail for the best paying roles, whilst spending a fortune to live in the big smoke. But Covid-19 seems to have brought forward some welcome changes. 


Employers are now widening their horizons and recruiting nationwide and internationally. Opportunities that where once only open to a few are now much more inclusive, all you need is a good WiFi signal and the requisite skills for your role, remote tech has made the delivery so much easier. With this, talented IT specilists in the North of England can now work for prestigious London based businesses and reap the benefits. 


Inversely, innovative new startups can recruit easily across the UK and don't have to orbit around the South to get the best talent, which may bring new and exciting opportunities to the rest of the UK. 


This is an interesting challenge for recruiters, as we track where highly skilled candidates move and work, and it opens so many more doors than it closes with a national reach and broader offer. Recent global talent aquisition studies have found that in response to Covid-19, many firms are now opting to outsource their recruitment to specialist recruitment firms, relieving pressure on their internal HR teams and allowing business to streamline in response to external pressures. 


Colossus Associates is excellently placed to respond to this increase in demand right across the UK with the most highly skilled pool of IT sector specialists in the industry. Throughout the pandemic we have been working tirelessly to increase our talent pool and hunt out the best opportunities for our candidates. 


I think it's important to approach this year with the right mindset and take advantage of the unique and exciting changes coming down the road in the IT sector. We are certainly not sitting on our hands waiting for the pandemic to pass, Colossus Associates is right there at the forefront of the IT Recruitment sector and should be your first stop if you're a candidate looking for a new role or a company looking for an experienced team to help you navigate 2021.


As someone reaping the benefits of this new change in the workplace, I hope it is a trend we see continue beyond Covid and bring with it increased opportunity and prosperity for the whole country.