Developers in Demand During Covid-19, Creating Boost in Digital Transformation

Developers in Demand During Covid-19, Creating Boost in Digital Transformation

10 Feb 16:00 by Daniel Knott


Digital transformation during the covid-19 pandemic has provided a boost in demand for Dev Ops specialists helping to revolutionise the way organisations operate in the post pandemic era 

Research by Couchbase found, in a survey of 450 European and US IT decision makers, 92 percent of respondents believed that DevOps could have a revolutionary impact on their digital transformation efforts, while 63 percent said that the flexibility to change their goals when needed has been significantly helpful or indispensable in meeting their digital transformation goals. 
On the flip side 49 percent also noted that their development teams were overstretched and being asked to deliver too much, too fast. This tallies with recent blogs we have posted, highlighting the increased demand for Tech sector specialists and a rise in new roles across the board.  
“In a year when organizations have had to struggle to adapt to new decentralised ways of working and rapidly evolving markets, developers have come under severe pressure to help their organizations adapt,” said Steve Yen, Co-Founder of Couchbase. 
“Even in the current crisis, organizations are investing in developers – in fact, our survey revealed that development teams have grown by an average 20 percent in 2020,” 
This trend only looks set to continue as businesses begin to take stock of the fallout from the pandemic and adjust to new trends of working and doing business.  
With these rapid changes in the Tech environment HR teams need to feel secure in their talent stream and Colossus Associates has remained steadfast throughout the pandemic supporting its clients across the UK with the very best Dev Ops talent.  
We have worked throughout the pandemic and tracked the latest trends in Tech to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and have the best range of candidates on offer in the UK.  
If your organisation is going through these rapid changes and needs additional support or advice you should contact our team at Colossus Associates now.  
If you are a Dev Ops specialist or work in the tech sector and you’re looking for a new role, we have access to the best vacancies across the UK and would love to speak to you.  
I will be back next week with further insights into the UK Tech Sector and hopefully have more good news about the growing resurgence in vacancies across the country.  
Photo by Peter Gombos on Unsplash