Permanent Vacancies See Biggest Increase Since September

Permanent Vacancies See Biggest Increase Since September

03 Feb 16:00 by Daniel Knott


I know I’m always on at you all about green shoots and signs of recovery in the jobs market and sometimes even I think I sound a little bit desperate for good news but it’s important to maintain a positive attitude and cheerlead for the economy, as we turn the corner on one of the most challenging times we have ever experienced. 


Before the Christmas break it felt as though contract and perm had taken a hit and would struggle to return in any great way this early in 2021 but I’m pleased to see that after only a month, employment data suggests that perm and contract vacancies are on the rebound for the first time since September!! 


KPMG and the REC’s recent report ‘UK Report on Jobs’ shows an improvement in the number of permanent vacancies being reported since positive news on Covid-19 vaccinations began. 


Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, said:

The underlying strength of the British economy shone through in the December jobs figures. The biggest expansion in temporary recruitment since October 2018 shows how important the flexible jobs market is to that performance. Growing permanent placements and starting pay also emphasised the resilience of our economy’.


We can only hope that as vaccinations roll out, business confidence increases, and we continue to see growth in the number of vacancies out there. I for one will remain positive and support our clients and candidates, matching up the very best talent with the best Tech companies in the UK. 


Before I sign off for another week, I also wanted to pay tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore on his passing. He made such an impact on us all in a short time and reminded me that it only takes a small action to create huge and unexpected positive outcomes for so many. Even in your workplace, a quick check of your colleagues or a brief chat can be all someone needs to lift their spirits. 


Thank you Captain Tom! 


Photo by Antonio Janeski on Unsplash