Colossus Associates Candidate Survey - Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

Colossus Associates Candidate Survey - Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

11 Mar 12:00 by Daniel Knott


Almost a year on from the first national lockdown you would be forgiven for forgetting what the office looks like as our lives have been upended and working from home has become the norm. I personally miss the collaborative atmosphere of the office and can’t wait to get back into that environment but it’s clear that won’t be the case for everyone. 


A study after the first lockdown in August last year showed that 54% of employees were reluctant to return to work despite millions being invested in adapting office spaces and making the workplace COVID compliant, and at that point the second and third lockdowns were fairly unthinkable, but here we are 7 months later looking to return to work again. 


The question we keep asking is whether after that length of time away from the office, people have had enough of zoom calls from a makeshift workspace and the same four walls, or is remote working a trend that is destined to stay, with no daily commute and more time with the family? 


We surveyed 7280 candidates across the technology sector and found 18% of those surveyed wanted to continue to work exclusively from home and would resist returning to office-based working, with the pandemic showing they could be as effective in a remote setting. 


60% surveyed, were open to a mixture of remote and office-based working with a desire for remote working to make up an average of 2.5 days a week. 


Interestingly, 55% said loyalty to their employer would be impacted if they were unwilling to consider giving them the option to incorporate remote working into their working week. 


These findings are telling, and important for employers to take note. The ending of lockdown is unlikely to mean the return to the status quo, and whilst employees are grateful to be in work, they are now looking for more from their employer. 


Creating an atmosphere, which supports employees and understands the desire to work remotely is key to attracting and retaining the key skills they will need for the future. 


At Colossus Associates, we regularly poll our candidates and have gained useful insights into what attracts them to a role. If you’re an employer trying to navigate your way through the pandemic and unsure how to attract that top talent, we are here to offer advice and support whenever you need it. 


You can contact the team today here or read our latest blogs for more helpful insights. 




Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash