Why NOW is The Time to Think About That New Job

Why NOW is The Time to Think About That New Job

25 Mar 09:00 by Daniel Knott


Can you believe it’s almost April?? Already the year seems to be picking up steam and powering forward into spring, but did you know it’s not the only thing picking up steam. 


The Technology sector is humming along nicely and awash with exciting new roles. The recruitment marketplace is unarguably, candidate driven at the moment, giving prospective job hunters a rare moment to set the terms, securing not only that next step on the career ladder but being able to command better salary, conditions and flexibility. 


So why is April a good time to start your job search? 


  • The Technology Sector is Growing....Fast. 

The pandemic has created a unique situation where Technology is racing to keep up with new trends in communication, retail and work practices but the workforce of skilled developers, testers and programmers isn’t necessarily able to keep pace with demand. This means we are able to connect you with multiple roles, broadening your opportunity and chances to secure that dream job. 


  • Business Optimism is Growing. 

With the easing of restrictions and a return to relative normality, business optimism is growing, and eyes are now set on growth out of the pandemic. This is a great chance to join a new organisation, help them achieve their goals and share in the success. 


  • You are in Demand. 

Your skills are valuable, and we are ideally placed to help you take advantage of your skillset and maximise your opportunities. If you are currently in a role where you feel undervalued or you have lost the drive you once had, we can help you get that back by providing you with a fresh outlook. We recruit for the top employers in UK Tech and have access to the latest roles as they hit the market.


  • The Year is Still Young.

Don’t fall into the trap of putting things off and regret it when another Christmas rolls by. Now is the ideal time to maximise your potential and work with Colossus Associates to achieve your career goals. Our team are Technology sector experts and have years of experience recruiting across the UK. Contact us now for a conversation and see what opportunities are on offer. 


We hope that 2021 is a fantastic year for all of you out there in the Technology world and as we ease out of lockdown, we hope you will reach out to us and let us support you on the next step in your career. 


You can search our job boards here and read our blog, with the latest industry news and trends, but make sure you give our team a call and take advantage of our experience. We are ready and waiting to help you. 


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