Colossus Is Growing

Colossus Is Growing

22 Apr 15:00 by Daniel Knott


Colossus Associates Is Growing!!! 


I write these blogs every week giving you all and insight into the technology market and analysing the latest trends as we spot them, with one of our recent trends being the ever-increasing demand for skilled tech workers across the UK.


This week Colossus Associates can add its name to the list of UK companies benefiting from the buoyant technology industry as we welcome three new members to the Colossus team to help us give our clients an even better experience when growing their business.


With candidates being in short supply we have three highly motivated new team members, who will speed up delivery time and enable us to cast a net even wider across the candidate network.


Welcome, Maria, Nicholas, and Luke!! We are very happy to welcome you to the team and wish you all huge success with Colossus Associates.


Normal blogging will resume next week but I could not resist blowing our own trumpet and sharing our optimism for the future.


If you are a client in a similar position to us and looking to grow further this year, you can have confidence that Colossus Associates has the infrastructure and experience to service all your recruitment needs so reach out today and one of our ever expanding team will be happy to help.


Keep up to date with our latest industry news here on our weekly blog or follow us on social media for the very latest updates and vacancies.