How to find the right job for you, and why a good recruiter can make all the difference.

How to find the right job for you, and why a good recruiter can make all the difference.

01 Apr 13:00 by Ian Tunnicliff


Spring is in the air and the 1st of April ushers in feelings of renewal, fresh starts and new opportunities. It’s an exciting time for people in the Technology sector with opportunities a-plenty and high demand for skilled tech specialists. 


The most difficult challenge you are likely to face right now is how to identify the right job for you and navigate the frantic world of job searching. Here are our top tips for identifying the job that suits you best. 


1. Find a good recruiter

Half of the challenge for anyone on the hunt for a new job is knowing what’s out there, where the real opportunities are and getting past the initial CV sift, where many excellent candidates are lost due to poor screening and time pressure.

At Colossus we work hard to survey the marketplace every day and keep track of exciting new roles as they hit the marketplace. 

Most job hunters have only the briefest snapshot of the jobs market and then only look at a very narrow window of vacancies. By putting your trust in Colossus, you are guaranteed to be offered the best vacancies available across a broad range of employers. 

We also work incredibly hard to connect with the decision makers and bypass the CV sift. You can be assured to have your CV in front of the head honcho and our team cheerleading for you all the way. 


2.Do what you love

We know it’s not always possible to be 100% happy with any job, all of the time, but if you are looking for roles in areas you broadly enjoy or love, you are on the right path to success. Sometimes it is worth holding out for that dream job because ultimately you will be happier.


3. Look for opportunity 

It is worth assessing where you are in our career and whether you want to find a role that offers greater challenges and opportunity to push up the ladder, or you want to focus more on personal growth and development. Good recruiters like the team at Colossus Associates will help you identify what you want from your role and support you to achieve your goals.


4. Is the culture right for you?

Many people apply for jobs without doing a great deal of research into the company they are joining and then find the culture doesn’t fit well with their outlook or vision. It is important to make sure you have done your research and have the same goals at the employer you are joining. We work with hundreds of companies across the UK and know them inside out. We will always be honest about the goals and culture of any employer we work with and ensure you are well suited. 


There’s certainly a lot to consider but by working alongside a good recruiter like Colossus Associates you can’t go wrong. The UK Technology market is growing rapidly, and high-quality candidates are in high demand. 


We can put you at the front of the queue and support you as you take into consideration the tips we have suggested. There’s an exciting year ahead in Tech and we are waiting for your call to support you in your career.


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