The 8 Hottest Tech Jobs Right Now

The 8 Hottest Tech Jobs Right Now

09 Apr 14:00 by Daniel Knott


We’ve been saying for weeks that the technology market is heating up and there are plenty of opportunities out there for skilled candidates as businesses expand and demand for innovative new tech increases but what jobs are the hottest right now? 

It’s all well and good highlighting how busy it is, but today I am going to look at the 9 roles our clients say are most in demand. 


  1. Software Engineer (PHP and .Net Core) 

Software engineers design and build software for large applications, combining their knowledge of maths, engineering and computer science to design, develop, test and evaluate software. 


  1. Information Security Manager 

As more businesses grow their online presence and cyber threats become more sophisticated, the need for IT security increases. Companies are having to be more vigilant with contracts and put more stringent security systems into place, as well as making more effort to educate employees on risk. Banking and financial services are the main industries hiring


  1. Project Manager 

Project managers ensure that IT projects are delivered to brief, on time and to budget. The retail sector is driving demand for project managers, particularly firms that are behind the curve when it comes to e-commerce and mobile retail. 

Outside of the online space, innovations and new releases in software has seen the demand for PM's grow. Big corporations across a range of sectors are now more willing to hand over full projects to specialist firms which means that IT services and outsourcing firms have also sought project managers.


  1. UX Designer 

UX designers build the user interface of an application or software and are responsible for what users see and interact with when they use an app.

Good design is crucial to how users engage and interact with a product. A UX Designer looks at anything from research to graphic design, information architecture to interaction design, covering how the website looks and feels, the journey that a user would go through and how these things work together to impact the user's experience. 

While consumers may not necessarily know what 'UX' is, they demand well designed, easy-to-use apps and sites and companies need to support the demand by hiring talented UX designers.


  1. Solutions Architect 

A solutions architect is responsible for designing complex tech projects, such as a major new software application, or the rollout of a new corporate IT system. With companies becoming increasingly agile, technical leaders are expected to play various roles on any given project. Today's solutions architects will provide architectural guidance for clients, as well as technical leadership for the team and work with developers to write code.


  1. Front End Developers 

Front-end developers are responsible for programming the part of a website or application that users interact with. Professionals must be adept at three main languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Demand is set to remain high as companies continue to invest in digital technologies to improve their ecommerce sales capability. These new programmes require new skill sets and this area has become candidate short, creating high demand for skilled workers.


  1. Service Managers

Service managers ensure that systems work effectively and can continue to run without human intervention. For example, designing an online banking system that is quick and easy-to-use, whilst also ensuring that it's completely secure.

Demand for these professionals is particularly strong from the financial services and banking sectors, although any field that has a focus on governance and risk will require service managers


  1. Security Analyst 

As the job title implies, security serves as security analysts’ primary goal. These analysts aim to identify weaknesses in networks’ security systems, patch or respond to issues, and prevent future breaches from occurring. Security analysts may use various software, including programs designed to encrypt and protect data, to increase and strengthen the security of digital data.

Within larger companies and organizations, security analysts may work with teams of network, information technology (IT), and computer specialists. They often work with these other professionals to design security protocols and systems, and to protect company data from hacks and breaches.

As evidenced by recent data breaches in major companies, security analysts play crucial roles within these structures. They empower businesses and organizations to better protect customer and user data, in turn maintaining the integrity and reputation of those organizations.


So, there you have it, a run-down of our most in demand roles but don’t be disillusioned if your skill set isn’t on this list. We are seeing high demand across the board and there’s no better time than now for you to take the plunge and turbo charge your career. 


Over the coming weeks we will be shining a spotlight on interesting careers we are recruiting for across the UK and look in a little more depth at some of the exciting opportunities out there. 


We hope to hear from you and help you find that perfect role, but you can also check out our latest vacancies here and read our latest blogs at our blog page, which is updated weekly. 


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