Developers Signal Strong Support for Hybrid Working Model with 95% Opting for Flexible Working

Developers Signal Strong Support for Hybrid Working Model with 95% Opting for Flexible Working

19 May 12:00 by Daniel Knott


The technology market seems to be firmly on the rebound as more restrictions fall away and business confidence continues to grow. We have seen positive news on unemployment figures and recent reports of a developing skills shortage, further increasing demand for skilled tech workers.


Combine this with changing working patterns established during the COVID pandemic and you have a perfect storm for any company looking to grow and take on new staff, but do not fear, Colossus Associates have been tracking these changes all along and have been working hard to support our clients in making their roles as appealing to the best technology talent as possible.


A survey of 15,000 developers on the CodinGame platform revealed that 95% would embrace a hybrid working model, where they worked remotely some of the time. However, only 23% of those developers surveyed said they would want to work remotely full-time, preferring to go into the office for part of the week, so it seems the office isn’t on its way out, but businesses must adapt to these new working models in order to attract the best.


It is tracking trends like these that make working with an experienced recruiter vital to ensure you maximise your time focussing on your business, whilst we take on the heavy lifting in the recruitment department. At Colossus Associates we are highly experienced at tailoring the offer to attract the best technology workers the marketplace has to offer, and we constantly monitor trends in the workforce to stay one step ahead of any changes.


If you are looking to grow your business, or recruit an experienced team for a new project, you can rely on us to support you all the way from candidate searching and shortlisting to interview prep and placement. Our team are available at any time and waiting to take your call today.


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Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash