Investing In The Team To Bring About Success

Investing In The Team To Bring About Success

01 Jul 14:00 by Daniel Knott


Investing In the Right Team


They say teamwork makes the dream work and we can’t argue with that.

Unless you have been asleep for the last few weeks you probably know that England are in the Euros and within touching distance of the finals.

As a team they have shown resilience, dedication, and support to each other during the ups and downs of the tournament, all in the effort to secure a win and bring it home for England.

In many ways, you are looking for the same thing in a recruiter, especially when you are trusting them to look out for your business and provide you with the best opportunities to grow.

Recent studies found that finding the right recruitment partner can save you thousands of pounds in lost time, and streamline your recruitment process, allowing your focus to be on growing your business and making the decisions that count.


1) We Save You Time

As the adage goes, time equals money. That’s why you can’t afford not to hire a recruiter when searching to fill an open position in your company. Think about how much time the actual search process takes.

It’s more than just sitting down with a candidate, reviewing resumes, and making phone calls. You also have to complete other necessary tasks, such as writing out a job description, posting it on jobs boards, and other ancillary tasks related to finding the perfect candidate.


2) Recruiters Can Reach Hard-to-Find Candidates

There may be hidden gems out there, who are the perfect candidate for your company, but since they’re not actively seeking a job, you may never find them.

Colossus Associates, on the other hand, has the knowledge and experience to find these candidates. We search beyond jobseekers’ websites and help you find just the right person.


3) We can shorten the hiring process.

Trusting hiring to an agency with years of experience is a good decision that will take a lot of work and deliberation off your plate.

When our team is doing the legwork for you, you won’t feel the pressure of juggling your normal work duties and screening the applications flooding your inbox.


4) We are technology sector specialists.  

All recruiting agencies have industries that they specialise in placing, and their expertise is another way they help you save money. We know how to differentiate between a good candidate and a bad one; that way, you get a great employee who works out from the start, rather than one who doesn’t quite hit the mark. With a recruiting agency, you’ll be making a secure decision, and not a leap of faith.

With these points in mind, it makes sense to invest in your team, which includes a recruitment partner like Colossus Associates. We will look out for your best interests and ensure you have a team of top flight consultants working to support your business.


If you’re considering working with a technology recruiter and haven’t yet taken the plunge, just head over to our website and contact one of our team for a no-obligation conversation about your business and where we can help, I’m confident you won’t regret giving us a call.


Everyone at Colossus is hoping the England team continue to support each other in the exceptional way they have displayed so far and wish them all the very best of luck during the next stages of the tournament.


Dare we say……IT’S COMING HOME!!