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Bath 22K - 24K Permanent

You should use this space to get someone excited about the role, open with a leading statement or question. You should provide enough information for the person to get an understanding of what the job is and what kind of business it’s for. This area shouldn’t be any longer than 100 words.

What you’ll be doing:

Here you should outline exactly what the person will be doing in the new role and what the key objectives are. Day to day responsibilities should be split out into bullet points to make it easy to digest. Bullet points should be relevant and directly linked to core responsibilities – think about which parts of the role are the most exciting and jot those down. You shouldn’t exceed 10 bullet points.

What you’ll need:

This is where you describe what experience or qualifications or attitude the perfect candidate must have or is desired. Use a combination of paragraphed text and bullet points where appropriate to help split up blocks of text.

What they’re offering:

This is your big sell, you need to explain what the company is offering in return. What’s the package and is it attractive? What other perks do you get - bonuses, holidays, car allowances, training and development programmes? Is the business in a desirable area, does it have amazing offices, can you work flexible hours?

Use this space to sign off, tell them how to apply and give them enough information about how to get in touch with you directly in case they want a confidential chat or require further details. Remember some job boards strip out email addresses so make sure the advert makes sense without it in. For example you should always put your name first followed by email and telephone

“contact Joe Bloggs at huzzah! recruit. 0700 300 300”

This format makes sense and won’t look strange if it removes the email address, telephone number or both.

Finally, always include keyword sets at the bottom to help your job appear against relevant keywords. Start it with a line about experience and then use commas to separate the individual words. Don’t use any more than 8 keywords per post.

Relevant experience includes: Keywords relevant to the job, Another Keyword, Another Keyword

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